Comments on other Blogs

I think Jess's website is very interesting, I never realized the author of Twilight was a stay at home Mom and only dreamed of writing. I would of never known that Stefanie Meyer's idea for Twilight all started from one dream. Thanks to Jess, I now know!

Nicoles author is very motivating, he lived a very diffucult and harsh life and he ended up being a very remarkable person. When he was younger he was stabbed in the stomach, forced to drink ammonia, burned and was eventually called it by his mother. Im glad Nicole chose the author of The Child Called It because it's one of my favourites!

Alexas page is very good, very informational! I never knew Dr. Seus had a real name, but im probably not the only one. It seems like most authors marry a women they met in universoty, so far i've read four that have!

Melanie's website is very colourfull! I really liked her background she picked. Theres also a lot of interesting information, like her authors from England and that she focusses her writing towards a teenager girl audience. Sarra Manning is very insightfull making me want to read her books!

Im not one to read mystery books but, Agatha Christie books sound good! Thanks to Sharla I found out Agatha Christie made it so far in the writing career that she finally got her own limited company called Agatha Christie Ltd in 1955. I also never realized that Christie was so old!